Capital Alpha Corporate

Capital Alpha Partners, LLC offers predictive insight for capital markets professionals, helping them to:

  • Foresee trends and developments from Washington
  • Gauge true levels of political or regulatory risk
  • Understand timing and process
  • Know when to immunize or hedge positions for unsettling outcomes
  • Exploit gaps in market understanding

We are an independent research firm, providing service to buy-side analysts, portfolio managers, strategists, and corporate executives.

Our analysts offer years of relevant professional experience in their fields, continuous sell-side coverage of news and events, deep appreciation of process and historical patterns in Washington, familiarity with context, and views grounded in documentary research as part of a rigorous, multidisciplinary approach to political risk assessment.

Where conventional wisdom is wrong, we often have a different perspective, helping clients identify gaps between market misperception and a better grounded view.

We cover financial services, energy and industrials, health care, defense, and telecommunications services and equipment.